Although every difficulty, stage and market competition that we faced in our business is obviously driving us towards to better quality, more economical, optimum and faster without the circumstances affect. As we overcome difficulties, we believe that our team will always take the right steps in the future as we have outstanding market experience in the past for our corporate success. We must never forget that each individual will bring customer satisfaction with his or her full deduction and satisfaction with working together. Most important is to be a person who learns and teaches in order to be able to produce permanent solutions for environmental healthy and safety for continuously cooperation and to be able to stay dynamic in institutional structure is the key, the best at doing what we have done without sacrificing ethical rules to reach success with planned and targeted work. GERSANEM? A.?., which aims to keep human happiness and customer satisfaction at the frontline in all its manufacturing processes, always complies with the requirements of legal legislation. By using the latest technologies to become an innovative and leading company in the sector, providing cost, speed and quality advantages in favor of customers will always be the basic qualities of the company. GERSANEM? A.? always finishes all kinds of production and commitments before delivery time and less budget amount than planned. For this reason, during planning is taking into consideration of every circumstance, and allocating enough resources to the construction of the job will be indispensable. Gersanemi, who will keep the most careful attention to work security and worker health, will take all necessary precautions to prevent any accidents in projects and contractors and set zero accident policy as company policy. The company's main objective is to always act forward and fulfill its social responsibilities in its activities in the sector.


GERSANEMI Inc. is an international multi-purpose engineering company aiming to provide customer satisfaction at the highest level with industrial and technical innovations in the continuously evolving world, economical and practicable, producer independent solutions. The projects that the expert and experienced technical staff have successfully signed in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Netherlands both in Turkey and abroad will be assured in all kinds of projects to be undertaken afterwards. as a "Technical Contractor" who provides mechanical and civil engineering services as well as electronic engineering, with the aim of becoming a world company that exceeds the borders of our country with the principle of "unlimited service and customer satisfaction" in business life.



Dealing with customer problems at a high level to reach the highest level in the sectors we serve with efficiency and competitive power. We support the knowledge and experience of our employees, who are the source of our power, with continuous training and provide individual create the concept of excellence by constantly doing every work we do in the first time


Work and environment safety system:

For GERSANEM, the health, safety and security of everyone who works is our most important priority. In all of our work, designing and always supervising processes in consideration of business and environmental safety is an integral part of business management.
GERSANEM believes that the business and environmental safety system is an integral part of effective and profitable business management. In this respect, all employees are obliged to apply the business and environmental safety principles correctly in all circumstances.
As GERSANEM, we make every effort to minimize the harmful effects on the environment, company assets and profitability while continuing our business activities. According to these principles, every accident results in a loss and damage; damaging people, damaging our facilities ... All of this is undesirable, and if it is to prevent, it is our duty.
GERSANEM has set up a process consisting of education, follow-up, appreciation, warning and enforcement to ensure that all employees are acted with extreme sensitivity to potential sources of loss, to remove all adverse conditions as far as possible, or to take measures. Business and environment safety within the system, doing business in a team without harming people's values and protecting the environment is the philosophy of GERSANEM's main business



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